HOUSE RULES @ Cruise Bar 120


To get the best experience from CRUISE BAR 120 please read the following House Rules.

> Cruise Bar 120 welcomes individuals, couples and groups to enter - however, the management of CRUISE BAR 120 strongly believe that every client should have their own space - any one caught invading another persons space either verbally or physically will be asked to leave and be barred from the venue.

> Cruise Bar 120 is a Masculine Alpha Male space - we don't allow clients to act as 6 year old children - any one acting in this manner will be asked to leave immediately.

> Cruise Bar 120 allows groups to enter however, they are respectfully reminded there are other clients around and should any group be seen to be "taking over" will be asked to quieten down - should this not happen they will be asked to leave.

> Cruise Bar 120 has been created to offer a discrete and safe space  - we offer full bar facilities with non - alcoholic drinks available at reasonable price - clients are welcome to come along without purchasing a drink - however we respectfully remind clients that should they not wish to purchase drinks from the bar an entry fee of £3 per person per event will be payable.

>Cruise Bar 120 holds several themed events through out the week - clients are welcome to have a drink in the bar area in the theme of the night or not - however should you wish to go out of the bar area you need to be in the theme of the night.

> Cruise Bar 120 is a non-attitude neutral space - the management and staff do not want to get involved in local or people politics.

> Cruise Bar 120 does not allow any food or drink to be brought into the premises - all food and drink consumed MUST be purchased in-house.


The management of Cruise Bar 120 decision is final and no discussion will be entered into regarding its decision.





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